In A Nutshell

Ko Te Ahu Patiki te māunga

Ko Kahukunu te awa

Ko Tākitimu te waka

Ko Ngāi Tahu tōku iwi

Ko Koukourarata tōku hapū

Ko Tūtehuarewa tōku marae

Nō Ōtatahi ahau

I te taha o tōku mama  – nō Ingarangi, nō Taimana ōku tipuna

Ko Brent Ruru ahau.


Brent ticks both Māori and European boxes for ethnicity, has two children to a first marriage, is remarried to Claire and, who shares the same life philosophies as Brent.

Most of the time!

Brent is a full-time Funeral Director with John Rhind Funeral Directors; and a registered marriage and independent funeral Celebrant.

There have been a number of other roles over Brent’s working career that have contributed to his kaleidoscope of experience.

A significant highlight was starting a business from scratch with Claire, providing primary aged childcare, and expanding the brand to seven locations to be responsible for 750+ children.  Together, they were recognised as leaders in the OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) industry – allowing kidz to be kidz & parents to do adult stuff.

Life balance incorporates micro and big-hairy audacious experiences; volunteering; mentoring; freelance illustration; ukulele; story-sharing with friends over a glass of red wine; and still playing board games with his two adult kids.

Brent authored and self-illustrated a book titled “Re-Kindle You, Dream ∙ Design ∙ Do – From Goal Setting to Goal Getting”.  It’s about reminding readers to pursue more of what matters most, in order to have greater meaningful happiness.

From time to time, Brent gets invited to speak to help reboot trajectories (whether business or personal), with sincere brutal honest to goodness story-telling that engages, entertains and enlightens.

“The strategies Brent imparted were outstanding.  He shared real-world techniques instead of sales theories leaving participants with the key to unlock their potential to become remarkable sales people and beyond in their personal lives.

Brent’s professional common sense no-nonsense approach incorporating personal experiences and humour were refreshing.  The feedback from all participants was exceptional.

I would not hesitate to be recommending Brent for any Sales Team training workshops, seminars or key-note presentation.”

– Warren Angus, Head of Business Customer, DHL Global Forwarding

Brent’s life philosophy:

Put passion, zeal and enthusiasm into everything you do.

Be genuine, be real, be grateful.

And that’s about Brent, all summed up, in a nutshell.